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PPWS urged to organise more knowledge programmes

SARATOK: The Federation of Sarawak Women’s Associations (PPWS) is advised to organise more knowledge programmes to improve skills among members.
This includes entrepreneurship courses that can be used to increase income, as suggested by Kalaka assemblyman Mohamad Duri.
He praised the commitment of PPWS Saratok and Al-Muhtadin Saratok Muslimah Bureau Al-Muhtadin Saratok Masjid al-Muhtadin Saratok, which, for the first time, held a programme to welcome the Maulidur Rasul and khatam Al-Quran, attended by 80 members.
“This effort can encourage the community to get closer to the Quran. Read and try to understand because the holy book is a guide for life throughout life.
“However, at the same time, more knowledge programmes can also be organised. It is very important, especially in today’s challenging life scenario.
“In that regard, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as PPWS can mobilise their members. At least with the knowledge gained, a little can be used to increase income,” he said.
He said this after completing the inauguration of the Al-Quran khatam at the Al-Muhtadin Mosque.
He called on PPWS to play a role in strengthening bonds of friendship among the community.
Mohamad expressed full commitment to supporting every PPWS programme.
“Perhaps it is possible to join with other NGOs to hold activities, which are not focused on members only…also involve the local community of various ages.
“Also focus on beliawanis. Make a shift so that PPWS remains relevant in the community with the latest programme.”
Earlier, Razenah Raimah, a prominent figure in PPWS Saratok, informed that this year’s participation exceeded the previous year, with 80 participants from various PPWS branches, including Kampung Melango Baru, Kampung Bunga Raya, Kampung Melango Lama, Kampung Paloh and Kampung Hulu.